contactus App - is your action plan for self-realization that will help you live your true calling in life by using the right network. Improve your network by adding emotion and structure to it. This practical and inspiring APP helps men and women of all ages identify and target treasures in their network to find meaning, direction and joy in their lives and work. Based on their years of consulting and experience, Oliver and Arnulf have found an actionable solution to help users discover and live the life they intended, where you maximize the synergies between contacts, career and vocation.

Arnulf Summer


“Time is our most precious resource. It goes quickly. It's often wasted. A good life is one that uses time effectively in the service of a noble purpose.”


Born in 1960, I grew up in a suburb of Bregenz, Austria.

Since I have a natural inclination to stand up for people's rights, I became interested in practicing law very early in my life. In 1978 I studied law in Innsbruck and graduated with a doctorate in 1982. After my court and law practice, I founded my own law firm in Bregenz as a sole attorney in 1988. Since I was already very innovative at that time, I looked for possibilities to develop my own lawyer software, because there was no suitable one on the market at that time. During this process, I met Oliver Loy, who, with his partner at the time and me, developed and programmed the first lawyer software program. Our first collaboration not only resulted in another successful start-up in the field of contactless access systems, but also in a long-standing friendship based on trust.

Due to my work as a lawyer, I am constantly exchanging contacts. As a replacement for this antiquated business card, I had not yet been able to find a smart solution. Oliver and I discussed the issue and then came up with the wonderful idea of developing the contactus App.

With our app application it is now very easy to create and exchange your own private digital identity. You will never again find yourself in a situation where you need your business card but do not have it on you. Furthermore, this frees up time for hobbies, sports, family, and friends.

Oliver Loy


“All decisions we make are in fact informed by emotion. By emotionalising our contacts, we come to the end uch faster to make the right decision at the right moment and thus to use our network optimally to get closer to our own vocation.”


Born in 1963 in a small Austrian town near Lake Constance, I spent my youth in Vienna.

My electrotechnical education was largely interesting, but the way the lessons were structured did not inspire me much. As a 19-year-old, I became fascinated with calculators and computers, which were available for the first time at that time, so that I started my own company, together with a friend, to develop software.

One of our first and brave customers at that time was my friend and partner, Arnulf Summer. Our company has grown and developed over the years into a respectable company with more than 100 employees, which was very exciting but also brought a lot of new responsibilities. My entrepreneurial journey has taught me just how essential it is to have a network that enables you to successfully position yourself, including knowing the right people and being able to remember them. As a result, you are able to cultivate an interest that corresponds to your natural aptitudes, gives you pleasure and provides a livelihood.

With the number of contacts increasing rapidly and the quality and depth of those contacts decreasing at the same time, new methods are needed to navigate one's network and to maintain it accordingly so that one can make the most of it.

This led my longtime friend and companion Arnulf and me to create contactus App to enable other people to use their contacts in an optimal way to optimize their quality of life and to follow their calling.